Introducing Liesa Scott

Liesa Scott was born in Germany, where she and her three brothers grew up being raised by loving parents in a tiny house with a big yard in a small village close to Berlin. She was fortunate to receive an excellent education based on high international standards predicated on proper values, discipline and lots of freedom.

She effortlessly excelled in school, was a gymnast, and a lifeguard at her local swimming hole in the summer. By age ten she attempted to write her first book with two playmates and realized in the process that she had to do important life tasks by herself. When she was 17 she entered medical college in Potsdam majoring in sciences, anatomy, physiology and psychology. She then matriculated and received a degree at a teacher’s college where she majored in psychology and education.

At age 18 she had her first child and raised her children mostly as a single parent, while living in three different countries, two continents and using two different languages.

In 1986 she came to the US with her youngest son without speaking English and $400 spending money and became a permanent resident in the US which has become her homeland.

Liesa has a long list of achievements, which blossomed in this American adventure like big beautiful flowers. She designed and built from scratch two big custom homes in fine communities of which one was rented to Fred Mc Griff while he was playing for the Padres baseball team in San Diego. She did it the first time in 1988 because she was bored and had an opportunity to do something she had never remotely been thinking of doing before, despite not speaking English and being unfamiliar with the American measurements of feet and inches.

She lived a few houses down the street from Bill Gates in Medina, Washington for three years. She also lived and worked for two years with the native American Indians on a very successful reservation in Washington State. She cherishes her memories and experiences connected with her stay and grew very much to love and respect the people of “her” tribe. She encountered remarkable people there and still feels a tender emotional connection with them. Liesas quest to practice and master sophisticated English led to her producing and hosting 82 weekly TV talk shows - the “Liesa Scott Show“ in Seattle.

At the book fest in 2000 in Seattle she was out of 350 authors and publishers the only one to write and publish books of different genres in two different languages. She wrote “USA for Ladies? Oh Yes” in German in 1998. Liesa simply meant to figure out Microsoft Word on an old computer and wrote just something in German because she couldn’t write English at the time. Somebody suggested to make it a book. So she did. Within two weeks she was invited to appear on national TV in Germany and Europe in one of the biggest and finest TV talk shows “Herrmann & Tietjen“.

She was the first author in German history to write a charming, realistic and informative book about life in the US and the American people. Liesa wrote “Dating for Commitment” in English because she felt it was a challenge to her self taught English language learning experience. Her attorney friend Barry Keech offered to be the editor and did a remarkable polishing job. As a result several US universities bought her book “Dating for Commitment or theAbility to Love” for their libraries. To Liesa the only remarkable detail would be that she never really had a formal class in computer or English in her life.

Liesa Scott owns an American patent, produced a weekly radio talk show “Liesa on Living” and acted in a bi-lingual TV commercial for Microsoft “Flight simulator” where she plays the part of a frumpy German Hausfrau pretending to be an air traffic controller.

She has continually increased her education with classes in criminal psychology, human behavior and American family and real estate law. She is world traveled, can converse in several languages and is instantly at home in many different cultures.

Liesa Scott has a brilliant memory, is full of mental, emotional and physical energy which she credits to 30 miles of walking weekly at the beach, hard hands on work, eating healthy at home and avoiding stress. She loves to dance, listens to sweet music, is fond of American Cowboys and Gentleman, truly enjoys children, cooks a storm up when needed and does typically four things at once.

Her American adventure has yet to slow down to what other people would consider a “normal” life. But she is hopeful to experience a slower pace, more predictability and balance and more time to enjoy the beach, wonderful relationships with great people and lots of flowers.

Liesa is also an enthusiastic photographer

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